Cooking parties and classes in your home.
Hosted by you and a chef or two.
Brian Cook and Company
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The menus on the following pages are
suggestions. We will tailor a cooking
event for you.

Each month we will offer a menu based
on holidays, seasonal food, or "what's
hot" in the kitchen.

Talk to us, tell us what you want to
cook and eat!
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“I think the best kind of dinner party is when everyone – hosts and guests – has a child-like
anticipation of the evening to come.  
A dinner with friends should be a delight, not a drag, and everyone should be ready to
graciously pamper one another and be pampered in return… I think that the best way for me
to conceptualize a grown-up dinner party is to recapture the feelings that my maman
created for me during my boyhood dinners. First of all, I want to give my friends the pleasure
of being someplace that is warm and inviting and full of the promise of good food to come.
Second, I remember how much I liked to help at dinner so I let my friends participate (if they
like) in every detail of the dinner.”