Lessons in your home
Imagine, a chef comes to your kitchen to teach you how to make fresh pasta, French bread, or pizza.

  • Chef Brian comes to your home armed with the necessary ingredients, equipment, and recipe packets filled
    with unimaginatively  resourceful information, and, a sense of adventure and a sense of humor.
  • Together we make pasta, French bread, or pizza dough from start to finish. Okay, to make the time work,
    we go from middle to finish, and then from start to middle.
  • I leave you with finished product, and dough we have created for you to finish later, the next day, whenever.
  • This is a private lesson, you and me.
  • Have something else you'd like to learn to make? Propose the idea and we'll see what we can do.

What the lesson is NOT:
  • The lesson is not a cooking party. It's you and me. We're not preparing food for a party, we are preparing
    food that you might share with your spouse, or partner, or best friend. Or you might NOT share with your
    spouse, partner or best friend. But it's just you and me. Did I mention it's just you and me?
  • We're not making a multi-course meal. We're making pasta and a simple sauce, French bread or a simple
    pizza Margherita.
  • It's NOT expensive. A mere$120 investment to a lifelong passion.
  • Denver metro area only.
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