Paella is a technique with endless possibilities! The word Paella
comes from the Latin word Patella, meaning pan. The only
ingredients required? Short grain rice, olive oil, stock, saffron,
smoked paprika and a sense of adventure.

The cost of a Paella evening is $48 per person plus a $200
instructional fee.

Perhaps you'd like the traditional Paella a la Valenciana with
chicken, vegetables, artichoke hearts, and tomatoes.
Or, live on the edge with
Black Rice Paella. The rice is tinted
black with squid ink.

We begin the evening by preparing light appetizers and end the
evening with a light honeyed orange dessert.
Cooking in Your Kitchen

The freshest pasta made in your kitchen. Egg pasta, potato gnocchi, or risotto
(not pasta, but...)

The cost of a "pasta evening" is $32 per person for food plus a $200
instructional fee.

Italian for "little ears"
Or, filled pasta:
Ravioli, or Tortellini
Potato Gnocchi:
Traditional potato dumplings bathed in a pesto sauce
Risotto: Arborio rice with porcini mushrooms or maybe squash
Udon Noodles
Thick and delicious Udon noodles for stir fry or soup.

Each meal will begin with an appetizer and end with an Italian or Asian (Udon
evening) dessert.
Paella, as it is traditionally prepared in Spain, over an open fire. In Brian's back-yard.
Orecchiette, prepared at a cooking party.
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The menus below are here just to wet your appetite. How about we do a healthful steaming class? Or, fun
with pressure cookers? Grilling doesn't have to stop after Labor Day.

Maybe you're in the mood for
German food, or wish to honor Julia Child by preparing a very French meal.

We provide food, a recipe packet, cooking utensil, and a sense of humor. You provide plates, glasses, a
table and a sense of adventure.
A cooking class by Chef Rene Berard in La
Cadiere d'Azur, France. Our inspiration for the
Cook with Cook venture

During these sessions we explore the possibilities. Think outside the box. Learn to make it your own. Recipe?
After awhile, you can throw it out. Here are some cooking party possibilities.
$19 per person, plus a $200 instructional fee.

Theme One:        Marinara sauce
We start with a basic tomato sauce recipe that includes tomatoes, onions, garlic and herbs. And then, we go to
Sausage and ricotta sauce
Olives, capers, and basil
Baked Rigatoni

Theme Two:        Pesto
Summer food: basil, olive oil, grated cheese, pine-nuts. We can mix up the basic recipe and create:
Walnut Basil
Hazelnut Oregano        
Parsley Fresh Tomato

Theme Three:        Dry Rubs for Grilled Chicken
We create a rub or two, spatchcock a chicken, then off to the grill or oven
South Carolina

Theme Four:        Risotto
Creamy Arborio rice with stock and cheese
Pancetta and Peas
Roasted tomatoes
Chicken and Arugula

Theme Five:           Rotisserie Chicken
Quick and easy dinner. Buy a rotisserie chicken and make meal #1:
Then we learn to make a chicken stock.
From that stock we make a chicken Posole.

Theme Six:             One protein, eight dishes
Together we'll make three sauces to accompany chicken, or beef, or vegetables.
Asian Peanut Sauce
Home make barbecue sauce
Classic Beurre Blanc or Butter Sauce