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Cooking Parties and Classes in your home.

Hosted by you and a chef or two.


With Cook as my last name...

What could I do? It was meant to be.

I have long enjoyed a passion for cooking; and I can safely say my friends have enjoyed the benefits. After working in the arts management arena for a number of years I began to feed colleagues. When it came time for change, I decided to formalize my cooking skills by first attending recreational cooking classes, and then the professional culinary program at Cook Street School of Culinary Arts in Denver. The rigorous program at Cook Street included studying at the Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners near Asti, Italy and with Chef Rene Berard in Provence, France.

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COOK with COOK hosts classes and cooking parties in homes, schools, senior residences, and event centers throughout the Denver metro area.

We are a collective of professionally trained culinary instructors. We love food and we love teaching.

Our classes/parties are not just about cooking technique. Cooking can be used to teach fractions and ratios. French classes have enjoyed making classic French pastries. Businesses have asked us to facilitate team building events. 

A bottle of wine, some good food and some friends, the perfect evening.