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Cooking Parties and Classes in your home.

Hosted by you and a chef or two.


Private Lessons

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Private Lessons

Chef Brian comes to your home armed with the necessary ingredients, equipment, and recipe packets filled with unimaginatively resourceful information, and, a sense of adventure and a sense of humor. Together we make pasta, French bread, or pizza dough from start to finish. 

Lessons in the past have included: 

Mother Sauces, Croissants, Macaron Cookies, Knife Skills, Soups, Sourdough Breads, Enriched Breads, and on and on and on...

Have something else you'd like to learn to make? Propose the idea and we'll see what we can do.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available. Click above for the sub-page. 

What the lesson is NOT:

The lesson is not a cooking party. It's you and me. We're not preparing food for a party, we are preparing food that you might share with your spouse, or partner, or best friend. But it's just you and me. Did I mention it's just you and me?

We're not making a multi-course meal. We're making pasta and a simple sauce, French bread or a simple pizza Margherita.

Prices range from $95 to $150. See the gift certificate page for pricing information.  

Denver metro area only.

Kids and adults enjoy learning who to make French pastries or fresh pasta sauces. 

Under my watchful eye we aim for success and a lot of smiles.